Floyd Mayweather Dates His Fair Share of Knockouts

Floyd Mayweather has quite a bit going for him. He’s one of the greatest boxers in the sport’s history, in good shape and extremely wealthy. With that said, it should come as no surprise that “Pretty Boy Floyd” has had a lot of success with the ladies, too. The world is his ring and we’re all just spectators.


The Instagram model dated the millionaire boxer in early 2017, flaunting PDA in photos uploaded to social media around the time of the Super Bowl. The couple reportedly first met back in 2011.

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Doralie Medina

Mayweather initially hired Medina to be his massage therapist, but the relationship eventually became romantic. The on-again, off-again couple lived together in Floyd’s Las Vegas mansion for some time, but do not appear to be dating currently.

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Raemarni Ball

The 19-year-old Brit is currently dating Mayweather. Rumors suggest she paid $800 to meet the boxing champ, who fell for her. Money well spent.

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Tameka “Tiny” Harris

In 2016, a video surfaced of Harris, who is married to rapper T.I., dancing with Mayweather. The boxer later publicly admitted that he hooked up with Harris.

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Josie Harris

Harris and Floyd started seeing each other in 1993 and have three children together. The two were engaged in 2005, but broke it off. The boxer spent 90 days in jail after she reported that he assaulted her.

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Erica Dixon

Dixon, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star, is rumored to have been in a brief relationship with Mayweather. The two were spotted together a few times in Atlanta after the boxer allegedly flew in to visit her.

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Shantel Jackson

Jackson and Mayweather were engaged at one point, but the relationship never made it to the end zone. Mayweather later claimed Jackson was pregnant with twins, but decided to get an abortion without his knowledge.

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Keyshia Cole

The singer was seen getting cozy with Mayweather in 2016, but no official word ever came out regarding a serious relationship between the two.

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Princess Love

Princess Love, who is married to musician Ray J, hooked up with Mayweather for some time in 2013. Rapper 50 Cent later alleged the reality TV actress cheated on the boxer with Ray J, which looks pretty credible in hindsight.

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Jessica Burciaga

The model and former Playboy Playmate is rumored to have dated Mayweather back in 2011 while he was dating Shantel Jackson.

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Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas

Thomas, who is a member of the American girl group TLC, dated Mayweather for a while. The couple appeared together on an episode of her reality show, “What Chilli Wants.”

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Liza Hernandez

Hernandez and Mayweather dated for a while in 2014, but the model eventually moved on to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. You can’t win ’em all.

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Floyd will go down as one of the sport’s all-time greats, but his exploits outside the ring have been almost as impressive.

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