Underhanded Free Throws Return to the NBA

Houston Rockets Chinanu Onuaku rained underhanded fire upon the New Orleans Pelicans during an NBA preseason game in China.  This is not a joke.  Onuaku shoots all his free throws as such.

In case you didn’t know, the Houston Rockets played a preseason game in China yesterday (#ItsAThing). With the NBA being the savvy marketing machine that it is, a preseason game in Beijing between the Rockets and the Pelicans is catnip to the large and continuously growing Asian NBA market.

Did anything noteworthy happen during this trip to the Far East? Besides a Rockets player vandalizing The Great Wall with his autograph (and everyone going crazy), things seemed to be business as usual. That all changed once Houston Rockets rookie Chinanu “Nanu” Onuaku stepped onto the court.

The 2016 second rounder from Louisville set the sports world and social media ablaze as he stepped to the free throw line and attempted each shot underhanded.

At Louisville, Nanu shot an uninspiring 58.9% from the charity stripe, but stats don’t incorporate beauty.

Putting your granny to shame, the 6’10” big man adds some beautiful backspin on his free throw. Nanu takes little time to get his shot up.  A quick “flicka da wrist” leads to a quick point. Needless to say, Kenny was hype when he saw Nanu tossing up this parabola.

Sadly, fans might not get to see many of these unorthodox beauties during the season. A Rockets team that may be sneaky good will not have consistent minutes for the rook.

In the meantime, kick back, put the vine on repeat, and watch this young man channel his inner Rick Barry.

Nanu cares not what you think about his free throw technique.  He’s too busy contemplating life on The Great Wall.

And breaking it down in front of thousands of Chinese…

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