Seahawks’ Jimmy Graham Is Fully Blacked In

I’m not gonna lie, when the Seahawks traded Max Unger (AND a first round pick) for Jimmy Graham last year, I was not stoked. He put up ridiculous numbers in New Orleans, but he didn’t jive with the Seahawks’ blue collar, smash your face mask in offense. What on earth were we gonna do with a 6’8 ballerina? You’re a tight end, for God’s sake! Get out there and crack some heads.

Oh, you’re gonna offer about as much resistance as the Iraqi army? Perfect…

He showed flashes of competence in 2015, but went down with a torn right Patellar tendon in November before he had a chance to find his stride.

Good riddance, I thought. The NFL’s as cut throat of a league as they come; I figured the front office would cut their losses at the end of the year, send Graham packin’, and save the $9 million cap hit.

After all, the Hawks spent big on Percy Harvin, only to ship him cross country faster than some drugs off the Silk Road when they realized he was divisive in the locker room.

So I had high hopes that The Jimmy Graham Experiment would be a one season endeavor. But then Russell Wilson married Ciara and guess who was in the wedding party?

Russell Wilson's wedding. Surprisingly, Future was not in attendance. Source: Twitter
Russell Wilson’s wedding party. Surprisingly, Future was not in attendance. Source: Twitter

That’s right, the Big Fragile Giant himself, Jimmy Graham. I saw this picture and realized no, he’s not going anywhere.

And you know what? He’s been pretty damn good for the Hawks this year.

If you’re not gonna block, you better make some goddamn catches! That’s the Jimmy Graham the Schneider-Carrol brain trust imploded their offensive line to get. If the Kingdome had never imploded, there would be no Safeco Field.

Sometimes to build, you must destroy.

And that’s exactly what the Hawks have been doing. Graham went for 100 yards against the Niners in Week 3 and 113 against the Jets in Week 4.

Those are numbers I can get behind. Maybe Jimmy Graham was blacked out last year because there wasn’t enough oxygen in the cockpit.

A little fun painting the sky before hurricane Matthew crashed the party. #flyitlikeyoustoleit #flyitlikeustoleit

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Who knows. Doesn’t matter now because he’s fully blacked in.

It took him a year, but Jimmy Graham, offensive juggernaut, has finally arrived.

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