Mike McCarthy Gets McPouty About Offense

Joe Lewis

Please don’t ask Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy about the team’s offensive production. You might hurt his feelings.

McCarthy lashed out at reporters during a Thursday press conference when they had the unmitigated gall to ask him a football-related question rather than marvel at his coaching prowess.

I don’t know why the hell I have to come in here and answer questions about what you think went wrong on offense.

Mike McCarthy

Green Bay did put up more than 400 yards of offense against the Giants in Week 5, but only managed 23 points on a 23-of-45 effort from Aaron Rodgers that looked… pedestrian. While he may be crushing it with his State Farm commercials, Rodgers isn’t doing so hot this season. He currently tied with Case Keenum for 25th in passing yards per game (219) this year.

Case Keenum. Let that sink in.

He’s also tied with Alex Smith for 23rd in quarterback rating.

Yes. That Alex Smith.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

McCarthy is going to have to get some thicker skin. There are legit questions to be asked.

Of course, one might argue that the Packers haven’t needed Rodger’s to be out-of-this-world so far this year. Their 3-1 record would seem to indicate that, except the loss came on the road against a Minnesota team that’s currently sitting on top of them in the standings. With the Vikings topping the league so far at points per game allowed (12.6), McCarthy had better start worrying about the offense a little more and a little less about the reporters asking him questions about it.

The Packers face a red-hot Cowboys team Sunday and they are going to have to score points to keep up. Green Bay currently sits on the board as 3.5 point favorites at home, but I wonder how comfortable the sharks are with that line?

And let’s not forget, the Packers have another date with Minnesota–and their league-leading defense–on Christmas Eve that could very likely decide the division.

So instead of pouting over what the media thinks is going wrong on offense, maybe McCarthy should actually try figuring out what’s going wrong on offense.

A good place to start would be getting Aaron Rodgers on track.

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