Russell Westbrook Reaches Boiling Point In Kevin Durant Warriors Saga

After being asked between 30 and 5 million times about Kevin Durant this offseason, Russell Westbrook is fed up. Westbrook will no longer answer any questions about Durant.

Go ahead.  Try to DM Russ about KD.  Try to email Russ about KD.  Try to use those little tin cans connected by a string to contact Russ about KD.  Russ will not answer and his voicemail has been turned off.

You could try and ask Russ in person about KD, but then you may get a response even colder than this one:

Can anyone blame Westbrook for wanting to cease questions about Durant?  I would wager that he has answered more questions (by a wide margin) about KD going to Golden State than the Thunder since free agency concluded.

I’m sure reporters would love to spark a diatribe between the two former teammates.  It would give them searing hot viral content to disseminate to the public.

Russ will not start a media feud.  But, when the Thunder travel to the Warriors on November 4th, prepare for some fireworks on the court.  Westbrook will be on a one man mission to prove OKC does not need Durant (like every basketball team on the globe, they do).

Will Russ have a quintuple double?  Will Russ score 50+?  Will Russ perform an elaborate pregame handshake lasting an hour?  I’m not saying these things will happen, but I’m not saying they won’t…

Attempting to generate a Russ–KD feud seems a bit foolish, let’s all wait until November 4th when the world will explode these two teams face off in the Bay Area.

In the meantime, Russ will ignore you faster than twitter eggs hating on his latest outfit. Instead of asking about Durant incessantly, maybe someone can ask Westbrook how his dad’s birthday went?

HAPPY 50th Birthday to POPS. Love you OG!!!

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