Seth Curry to follow in Chef Steph’s footsteps

Ryan Shea

Who? That’s right, Stephen Curry’s little brother. The man who has bounced around NBA rosters and the D-League since leaving college at Duke. The man who opted out of his contract with the Sacramento Kings to sign with the Dallas Mavericks. Seth Curry.


I know what you’re thinking. He’s just a bench player, not a starter, he might have a few big games here and there. Well then, what do you make of Harrison Barnes and his never ending struggles to hit a jumper? Instant offense? What about 38-year-old Dirk Nowitzki? Is he going to carry the scoring load? How about Andrew Bogut? Deron Williams? Wes Matthews post-ACL tear? The answer to all those questions is easy: no.

The Mavericks went out and signed one of the best in the game at getting shooters open, his big brother’s bread and butter, Andrew Bogut.

Seth Curry has been on fire this preseason in limited (18.2) minutes, putting up 14.3 points per game on an absurd 61.5% three point shooting. His per-36 minute numbers would put him alongside some elite company: 28.4 points, 5.3 rebounds, 5.3 3s, 3.3 assists and 2.6 steals. Sounds more like Stephen Curry, doesn’t it?

You gone be in this league a long time boy, remember that!

DeMarcus Cousins

From the outside eye, this signing seemed minor, irrelevant, and insignificant. Seth Curry, often the 14th or 15th guy on a roster barely hanging on. Just another depth signing, at $2.8 million dollars right? Wrong.

If Hassan Whiteside taught us anything, sometimes it takes players with special talents some time to figure the league out. With Wade and Bosh out of the picture, he’s become the centerpiece in Miami, recently signing a 4-year $98 million dollar max contract with the Heat this off-season. Just like Curry, he started out as a glorified role player who shined in limited minutes.

So when recently signed max contract player Harrison Barnes (glorified Olympic bench warmer) continues his horrid shooting streak from the NBA finals (35.2%) into the preseason (22.9%), look for the Dallas Mavericks squad in need of a star to turn to Seth Curry, this team’s next big star. We all know it’s not Harrison Barnes.


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