Is Joel Embiid crazy to “trust the process” of floundering 76ers?

Ryan Shea

Joel Embiid has had fans impatiently waiting two years while recovering from injury during a horrendous Philadelphia 76ers rebuild. With a load of lottery picks, they opted to select a laughable three centers, two power forwards, and one point guard (traded) since 2013. It’s been a wide debate on whether the Kentucky Wildcats College Basketball team would beat them or not.

Sure Joel, we will trust the process. We will trust the process laid out by General Manager Sam Hinke, who was basically thrown out by the NBA after he intentionally lost games in an effort to stockpile top talent.

Three years after the 76ers decided to rebuild, they still finish with the worst record in the NBA and end up with the top pick in the NBA draft, selecting Ben Simmons out of LSU. Should fit in nicely with the three top-10 selected centers and incoming lottery pick power forward, right? Since only two of the five players can share minutes with each other at any given time. How is that a winning strategy?

We have seen this all before, a top-talent big man coming out of college with everyone thinking he’s the next dynasty center. We’re all looking at Embiid and thinking it’s the next Greg Oden. Another top big who could never stay healthy enough to play in the league. Sure, he attempted comebacks, but every time he did he ended up injured again after only a few games.

The scent of Greg Oden is definitely in the air.







So why is Joel Embiid asking us to trust the process? Maybe because every time he has taken the floor this preseason, he has often looked like the best player in the game, a future all-star who is dominating on both ends of the court.

Sure, he’s only playing 12 minutes a game this pre-season while he rehabs himself back into NBA form, but it is seemingly more and more likely he has a healthy career and becomes a key centerpiece they build their team around for years to come. So cornerstone center? Check.

Don’t think so? Just ask his coach. The comparisons are sky high.

Now you have a bunch of young prospects to trade away as you build your team around Embiid and Simmons.

Joel, you might be right, maybe we should trust the process.


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