Why Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t deserve the hate

During Sunday’s game between the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. had a monster game with two touchdown catches and a franchise single-game record, 222 receiving yards. But of course, all anyone is talking about on Monday is what Beckham did after each of those touchdowns.

After being held to just 11 yards on two catches during the first half Sunday, New York’s eccentric young receiver caught a pass towards the end of the third quarter and ran it 75 yards for a touchdown.

Once he crossed the goal line, Beckham celebrated by pretending to triple jump (his mother is a track coach) and then later ended up on the sideline cuddling with the kicking net.

Source: Twitter
Beckham enjoying some alone time with the Giants’ kicking net (Source: Twitter)

Little did the kicking net know, the Giants’ receiver had even bigger plans for the two of them later in the game.

Beckham was not done scoring touchdowns for the day as he hauled in a 66 yard pass in the fourth quarter that eventually ended up with him in the end zone celebrating what would be the game-winning score for New York on Sunday. After scoring the touchdown, Beckham proceeded to rip his helmet off and sprint down the sideline to celebrate with his teammates after giving the Giants the lead.

Of course, he was flagged for a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty tor taking his helmet off after the play and actually showing some emotion on the field. Something the NFL has seemed to frown upon in 2016 (see Antonio Brown),

After celebrating the score with his teammates, Beckham went over to his old friend the kicking net and got down on one knee as if he was asking for the net’s hand (not sure if nets actually have hands) in marriage. Yes, Odell Beckham proposed to a kicking net on Sunday.

According to the receiver, the net said yes. No word yet on if the new couple has a date set for their big day.

Beckham and his fiancée during their special moment Sunday (Source: Twitter)
Beckham and his fiancée during their special moment Sunday (Source: Twitter)

Beckham’s latest post-play “antics” have always drawn a fair share of criticism and it was no different on Sunday. Some football “experts” think that the receiver’s celebrations are taking away from the success of the team as a whole.

But these critics are failing to realize the most important aspect of Beckham’s celebrations. The kid is just out there having fun.

Some seem to forget that, at the end of the day, everyone in the NFL is playing a game for a living. It is not like Beckham is an office manager and he just fake-mooned everyone in the building because the company just got a new copy machine.

He is playing football and having fun doing it. Something that he may not have admitted a few weeks ago after he struggled in New York’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Oh and for the opposing players and coaches that have grown tired of Beckham and his exuberant celebrations, if they don’t like what he’s doing, all they have to do is stop him from scoring. But as the Ravens proved on Sunday, that is easier said than done.

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