How Odell Beckman Jr. started having fun again

You know when you were young and accidentally said something funny and all the grown ups laughed? Well Odell Beckham Jr. stumbled upon a once funny antic and has proceeded to beat the joke, and the kicking net, dead.

Odell’s love affair with the poor innocent kicking net seems to have gone from a funny temper tantrum to a weird publicity stunt that takes away from Beckham’s performance on the field. Having had a slow start to the season, Beckham returned from the dead against the Ravens on Sunday with eight catches resulting in a career-high 222 receiving yards and two receiving TD’s.

Even though Beckham scored the game winning touchdown, it isn’t what everyone has been focusing on. This past Sunday, after his first touchdown, Beckham ran over to snuggle with the net; then after his second score, Odell took his helmet off (resulting in a 15 yard penalty) and proposed to the kicking net.

Social media seems to be eating up this stunt, however, not everyone is happy with the kicking net and Beckham’s new affair.

Giant’s coach Ben McAdoo hasn’t been hiding his feelings about Beckham’s sideline shenanigans. A few weeks ago he went on to essentially call Beckham a distraction after he broke down in tears when Eli Manning threw an interception.

Beckham and his fiancée during their special moment Sunday (Source: Twitter)
Beckham and his fiancée during their special moment Sunday (Source: Twitter)

Discussing his receivers antics, McAdoo said during a teleconference on Monday,

He came up to me right after. We had a discussion about it. Can’t have it. He knows that. He went out and wanted to fire up the kickoff coverage team and the defense. He knows we can’t have it.

Ben McAdoo

Beckham doesn’t seem to mind the negative attention though. On Monday, he tweeted out…

With a close 27-23 win against Baltimore, McAdoo went on to say,

We need to keep our focus on the ballgame.

Ben McAdoo

It seems to be a trend to have players in the media not because of their outstanding performance on the field, but because of their shenanigans on the sidelines.

Ben McAdoo’s agitation towards his player’s antics are completely warranted, yet it remains unclear if he is going to do anything about it. With a 3-3 record, the Giants are going to need all the help they can get the rest of the season, hopefully without another appearance of the infamous kicking net.

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