Can Denver Broncos’ defense bring home another Super Bowl without a QB?

I don’t know if you were into superheroes when you were a kid. I certainly was a huge fan. My favorite was Batman, but I also like the superhero teams like the Avengers, the X-Men, and my favorite, the Justice League.

However, if you are growing up as a kid in Denver right know. I’m going to guess you’re favorite superhero team is the Denver Broncos defense because they saved the day for Denver Broncos fans again on Sunday. This defense, in the Super Bowl last year, crushed the MVP of the league, Cam Newton. Von Miller’s crushing of Cam Newton’s mojo seems to have continued into this season. The MVP has not looked the same since Miller’s strip sack for a touchdown. Denver’s offense with an aging Peyton Manning was almost non-existent and it didn’t matter. Denver scored on defense or recovered turnovers that put the Broncos offense on a short field.

Now flash forward to this season. Peyton Manning is retired and Trevor Siemian is your new starting quarterback. Who is Trevor Siemian? That’s a good question. The short answer is this 7th round draft pick is the stop gap for Denver at quarterback. Denver’s hope is that Paxton Lynch, Denver’s number one draft pick, will be ready soon.

However, on Sunday when the San Diego Chargers rolled into Denver, Lynch was wearing a baseball cap and Siemian had his helmet on. The great Phillip Rivers is no stranger to the Denver Broncos, providing the kryptonite two weeks ago in San Diego. Chargers offense was able to score when it needed to against the Denver defense. Even the Chargers much-maligned defense looked like Denver’s defense by playing on the other side of the line all day giving Siemian fits. San Diego took the victory 21 to 13.

Not to mention Phillip Rivers is the only active quarterback that has a winning record at Denver at 6 and 5. Just to provide a little perspective, the great Tom Brady is 2 and 7.

Were Phillip Rivers and the Chargers going to Lex Luthor the Denver Broncos defense, that was missing Aquib Talib and Brandon Marshall on Sunday? Well, Broncos fans start humming the theme song to Superman I and II because that didn’t happen.

Just like the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos defense put on their red cape, red boots, and kicked Phillip Rivers in the face. Denver’s defense was all over Phillip Rivers for 4 sacks on the day and multiple blocked passes. Denver had 3 deflected passes in the first half alone. One that led to a fumble by DeMarcus Ware. However, a horrible call by the officials over turned this obvious fumble. Surprise, the worst officials in all of pro sports got it wrong even though they have replay.

Did that stop Denver’s defense? Oh. No. Just a few plays later after another deflected ball. Bradley Robbie slapped on his cape, picked of the ball, and ran it back for a 51 yard touchdown.

The day didn’t get any better for Phillip Rivers, who went 20/47 for 267 yards and 2 touchdowns. Unfortunately for Rivers, he had 3 huge interceptions on the day.

However, the road is never easy for our heroes. They did not get a lot of help from their offense. Trevor Siemian was not good. I think my description of his performance is generous. Trevor went 20/38 for 276 yards and an interception. Trevor had multiple turnovers on potential game scoring drives. Denver was also without their starting running back, C.J. Anderson. Anderson suffered a knee injury that will put him out indefinitely. Devontae Booker from the University of Utah got the start. Booker was known for terrorizing Pac 12 defenders, but that didn’t happen. Booker rushed for 54 yards and a touchdown. He also had a huge fumble on the 3 yard line of San Diego that cost them points.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the challenges ahead for our heroes. Melvin Gordon, running back for San Diego, rushed for over 111 yards. However, the NFL’s touchdown leader was denied on this day.

So Denver Broncos fans, when the game was in doubt and the great Phillip Rivers and Melvin Gordon had a chance to tie the game late with four shots on Denver’s goal line with 2 minutes left, what happened? The Chargers threw four straight downs. Didn’t use their hundred yard back once, and all four times were denied. Denver’s defense pulled their tights up and shut them out. After no help from their offense. The game would end with another River’s incompletion as he was being planted into the ground like he was corn. Denver 27 San Diego 19.

All right, Good News, Bad News time.

Good News

This one is easy: Denver’s defense, period. They score and they create short fields for average offenses. Even when they give up some yardage they don’t break. The goal line stand was a thing of beauty.

Bad News

Denver’s offense is not cutting it. Siemian makes you long for balloon arm Peyton Manning. He hurt them all day.

My Final Thought

I was going to talk about poor officiating, but I’ll save that for another time. Instead, I feel sorry for Phillip Rivers. I think if he had been fortunate enough to stay with the Giants, we would view him differently with 2 championship rings. I meant it when I said he was great. The Spanos should stop trying to rip off the city of San Diego and put a better team around him before it is too late.

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