Joakim Noah’s DNA makes him perfect fit for Knicks

The only thing harder than being a New Yorker is being a New Yorker who loves the Knicks. In a city where competition and toughness reign king, heavy is the head that wears the crown. For the past few seasons the New York Knicks have looked like there was no hope in sight of reliving the glory days, but this season is starting to look like it’s going to be dripping with redemption and it all starts with a transplant from the Chicago Bulls.

No, not the point guard, the other former Bull, Joakim Noah. New Yorkers are going to love Joakim Noah and not just because his hair is as luxurious as the penthouse he just bought. Joakim Noah is the guy you want on your team during close games (which the Knicks will have plenty of this season). He’s a fiery competitor, he’s tough as hell and let’s face it, he has an attitude and intensity that can get under any player’s skin and fire up any crowd. All traits already encrypted into New Yorker DNA.

Joakim’s proven he’s not one to back down or hold his tongue for anyone. Let’s not forget when he called Lebron James a bitch to his face:

Joakim is all about getting the job done. He’s an emotional leader, and a defensive pariah. He’s not here to be anyone’s media darling. He’s here to compete and win. Whether you like him or not, he could care less and that’s a direct shoutout to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Boston Celtics and any other crowd that likes to boo him. This “no nonsense” attitude is exactly what the New York Knicks need and what New Yorkers love.

He may march to the beat of his own drum, be a little eccentric, but his nose for the ball and work ethic is undeniable. Combine all those things and you’ll have a recipe for one of the most likable players on a team. Kind of like another popular athlete that comes to mind:


Noah’s going to fit right in with the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Kristop Porziņģis and of course his former teammate, Derrick Rose. And quite frankly, any player that still takes pride in playing defense in the NBA is a player to respect. Anticipate the New York Knicks to have a really good season, anticipate seeing Spike Lee (and his questionable outfit choices) on the sidelines cheering and most importantly, anticipate Joakim Noah to be a Knicks favorite this season.

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