The time Marshawn Lynch “cried like a baby”

If anyone has ever watched Marshawn Lynch play during his time as an NFL running back, his style often involved him bullying defenders to the ground in order to get past them. But the player Lynch once was with the ball in his hands was much different than the way he carried himself off the field.

Yes, he still was not afraid to be brutally honest about his feelings during the rare interviews he gave. However, he also knows that life is too short to not laugh and smile as much as possible.

Even in the most negative of situations, Lynch has always found a way to put a positive spin on things.

Lynch seemed to always know how to make his teammates forget his problems with a few jokes. (Photo Source: Twitter)
Lynch seemed to always know how to make his teammates forget their problems with a few jokes. (Photo Source: Twitter)

During his tenure with the Seattle Seahawks in 2015, Lynch’s teammate Ricardo Lockette had to be admitted to a hospital after sustaining a brutal neck injury during a game against the Dallas Cowboys. It was an injury that eventually ended his career as a professional football player in the NFL.

However, Lynch was not about to let his teammate sulk about his severe injury. Even though he shed a few tears at the first sight of Lockette in his hospital bed, the running back was not going to let his teammate see his tears, as he wanted to keep Lockette’s spirits as high as possible.

What Ricardo didn’t know is that Marshawn peeked in the room and saw he was in there, in the bed, strapped down, couldn’t move, and he cried like a baby. Marshawn did. I won’t tell you everything he did, but he took a couple steps back and soaked those tears up, and he went in there and made my son feel like he could run and jump.

Earl Lockette Sr. (Ricardo’s Lockette’s father)

While some of Lockette’s family members may have feared the worst, Lynch did the best he could to eliminate as much of their worries as possible. Whether that was making jokes to put smiles on their faces or provide them with the necessary needs to stay with Lockette, Lynch was up for the task.

Behind the brash intensity that the running back displayed on the football field was a person who truly cared for his teammates as if they were actually his brothers. The story about his time spent visiting Lockette in the hospital is just one of many proving that Lynch was way more than just a guy who gave one word answers to the media after his games.

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