How Steph Curry destroyed his own legacy

Ted Germain

Okay, so the Dubs got absolutely obliterated opening night on their own floor– but judging by how they played in pre-season, and one glance at their 4 headed monster dang near Western Conference All Star starting 5 line up of death–not many would be shocked if they win the next 81. Regardless: the legacy of Steph Curry will be, and already has been changed forever.

For a brief, maybe three week period after the Warriors got their back to back championship dreams LeBlocked by the Cavs, Steph Curry was probably rapping the Drake lyrics to himself from a song he didn’t want to sing: “I’ll be out there looking for reveeeenge/All Summer Sixteen”  instead of the diss track (that got nominated for a grammy?!) Back to Back.

The team that put up 73 wins lost, and he shrunk to the occasion when the spotlight was at its brightest. Now, he had four months to right his wrongs, get better at defense, and once again lead his team back to the Finals. Then the Fourth of July happened.

The Warriors could win 9 titles in a row. Curry could win 12 more MVP’s. None of that matters because he couldn’t do it by himself.

This isn’t like when LeBron went to the Heat. That was a mutual union where three of the best in the league decided to go ring chasing. Sure, Curry’s squad came back from 3-1 and knocked KD’s Thunder out of the playoffs last year, Curry, although not 100%, being a huge part of it (though let’s be real – uhhh…Klay in Game 6 are you serious?)

But then came the Finals. Oh, the Finals. A place where despite the fact that he hoisted that championship trophy a year before, he was a shell of himself, a shell only to be eclipsed by the shell he existed in this past June.

KD came to the Warriors because Steph can’t lead his team to an NBA championship. Simple as that. And now, barring any injuries, he will never get the chance to. Thanks to the infamous Game 6 mouth piece incident,

He’s no longer America’s angel, and now thanks to the rich getting richer in Golden State, expect to see the comparisons to Jordan drop, if not diminish all together.

Sans Durant, Curry had the chance to go down as one of the greatest athletes of all time. And he still does, but that asterisk will be there, and it will be huge.  You can practically see the 30 for 30 already. “He just couldn’t be the guy. He couldn’t be the leader that they needed.” What sucks is: what if he could? We may never know.

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