The Sixers may have lost, but Joel Embiid got the win

Joel Embiid is ‘The Man’ in Philadelphia after his debut performance last night. The 76ers have had a top 3 pick in the NBA Draft for 3 years straight, but in a weird plot twist, they haven’t been able to actually utilize any of those picks due to injury. Let’s just be honest, you don’t get any worse than the Philadelphia 76ers. Simply put, ever since the dissemination of “The Answer” (also known as Allen Iverson), Philly’s just been left with a lot of questions. Questions like why can’t they keep their lottery picks healthy? Or, will they be hiring a new head coach? At this point the 76ers can only hope to not have the worst record in the league this year. 

But back to Embiid.

How can you not love the kid? Before he even plays a game in the NBA, he’s already entertaining the hometown fans. Even went as far to stop his warm up to do the viral dance craze JuJu on That Beat:


That video just screams “7-foot phenom with great footwork!”

In his debut against the Oklahoma City Thunder, he logged 20 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks. If he can continue consistent play (and not tweet anything embarrassing), he’s a viable candidate to be the face of a 76ers organization that is in desperate need of a new identity. In fact, in the spirit of bringing life back to the Sixers, he’s nicknamed himself “The Process.” He’s even given us a little preview of what kind of block party we can anticipate:

Full disclosure, the kid should have known what was coming. Anyway, the kind folks in Philadelphia should feel good about Joel’s debut.

Given all the injuries, setbacks and letdowns, Joel Embiid may be the light at the end of the tunnel. Now if they can get a healthy Ben Simmons, more production from the bench, more consistent scoring from Gerald Henderson and some sort of team chemistry going, the Philadelphia 76ers may have the last laugh.

We’ve all seen enough basketball to know nothing is more dangerous than a team that buys into the system, or in this case, a team that trusts “The Process.”

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