“Cursed” Cleveland Cavaliers primed for intriuging season

No need to yearn for a new Lord of the Rings or Star Wars storyline this season, the new Cavs season will offer similar theatrics. This season will feature a GOAT king in pursuit of a collection of rings, a new, flashy banner, and a newly freed city.

Let me explain, we have a self-proclaimed king in LeBron James with three NBA championship rings and a name that is mentioned regularly amongst the greatest of all time. Present is also a new championship banner and a newly freed city that was believed to be cursed to be championship-less by the sports gods for the last 50 years.

Last season was full of character changes and plot twists, like the mid-season removal and replacement of the team’s head coach, David Blatt. The team also overcame a 3-1 deficit in the Finals which led to a dramatic win over the Golden State Warriors. However, with the arrival of the 2016-2017 season, another set of compelling theatrics during their pursuit of another championship win are sure to follow.

First things first, let’s address the roster. Talk about #squadgoals.

Cuts and re-signings seemingly took place almost up until the season tip-off, one of which included skilled guard, J.R. Smith. The moving and shaking by the Cavaliers paid off in their first two wins of the season against the New York Knicks (117-88) and Toronto Raptors (94-91). Fully stocked, they have the face of the league in LeBron James, the precision of an assassin in point guard Kyrie Irving, a beast of a forward in Kevin Love, and a bench that is just as lethal. The big three looked to be as productive as ever with a combined 71 points against the Knicks and 65 against the Raptors. This should serve as a trailer for the stat show they all will be putting on all season long.

Then there are the rivals.

Super teams formed all of over the league during this past off-season, hoping to make a seamless run to the championship. Players like Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade left behind friendships and teams they had played for their entire careers to team up with other elite players. They moved on to teams that had potential in past seasons, but lacked the firepower to push them over the edge.

The biggest move was that of forward Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors won the championship back in 2015 and they are the team Cleveland will have to inevitably go through in order to capture another ring. Now as the defending champions, the Cavs will have to fight harder than ever to prove their superiority over such teams that will also be heavily equipped with talented players just as they are.

They are certainly capable of performing such a task in the midst of any potential antics that will surround the team as they proved last season. The rising actions the Cavaliers will take in order to reach the promised land are most likely still in the works. Regardless, they are sure to draw an impressive audience

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