LeBron James’ troll game is officially 100

Before putting the Cleveland Cavaliers on his back for the franchise’s first-ever NBA title last season, LeBron James was often criticized for being too passive when it came to letting his emotions fly–you know, like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant did. 

Well, if willing his team from being down three games to one against the winningest team in NBA history (Golden State Warriors) wasn’t enough, the photos from James’ annual Halloween party should be enough to forever lay those claims down to rest.

Whether or not you’re a James fan, you have to admit this is pretty great. On the other hand, if you’re a follower of the Warriors’ contingent, this next part which I’m about to detail will flat out leave you steamed. The Cavs and James, who was just named the Eastern Conference player of the week by compiling 21PPG, 8.3 RPG, and 10 APG, received their long-awaited championship rings on opening night of the NBA season.

On the bottom part of the championship ring that wraps around the finger are four garnets specifically spaced out by diamonds in a 3-1 formation of sorts.

Now this can be perceived one of two ways. A pacifist may believe that this was a simple reminder of the insurmountable odds overcame by a team united in their quest for greatness. Contrarians, on the other hand, would tend to believe this is the designer of the ring’s way of throwing massive shade towards Steph Curry and company.

In my opinion, this is way more of a statement than the drum set being played by the skeleton. Regardless, I’m curious to see if any of this good-natured fun turns into bulletin board material for when that much-anticipated Christmas Day game in Cleveland arrives. As if the first rematch of the two best teams in the NBA didn’t already have enough storylines built in, here’s a few more.

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