Patriots trade All-Pro Jamie Collins to Browns in 11th hour deadline deal

The New England Patriots traded young star Jamie Collins from their defense, but it probably won’t matter since Belichick is a mad genius.

As the November 1st NFL trade deadline approached, everything appeared quiet as usual. That was until the Patriots did their best Kool-Aid Man impression, crashing through a wall with a blockbuster trade. New England sent the versatile All Pro linebacker Jamie Collins to Believeland in exchange for a compensatory third round pick.

Before every Cleveland fan starts yelling “OH YEAH,” addressing why New England would move a piece of their defensive foundation is necessary. Collins has been a star since entering the league from Southern Miss, but this season has not gone well for the linebacker.

Collins’ play this season has been characterized by the Boston media as lackluster and displaying inconsistent effort. Collins was actually benched for a large stretch last Sunday against Buffalo after giving up a long run early in the first quarter to the Bills’ back up running back Mike Gillislee.

Former Patriots and Browns executive Mike Lombardi had some thoughts on Collins:

With Dont’a Hightower and Collins both slated to become free agents this offseason, New England had to choose which stud linebacker to pay. Obviously, Belichick and his staff value Hightower more.

Mike Lombardi agreed and tweeted some hard truth:

So, it makes sense for New England to acquire a high third round pick from the Browns. If Collins had left during free agency, New England would have received a lower compensatory pick than Cleveland’s. It makes sense for Cleveland to acquire an elite defensive talent who can be franchise tagged if a long term deal cannot be agreed upon initially.

Belichick simply will not tolerate players who don’t fit into the Patriots’ culture. Chandler Jones was another star defender that New England showed the door when they traded him to Arizona in the offseason.

This kind of momentous trade will make waves through sports channels and the internet because Super Bowl favorites rarely trade talent away for future assets.

Source: Twitter
It’s Mr. Steal Yo Draft Picks.

In the end, we will all be wrong and Belichick will prevail once again because only three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and the Patriots’ dominance.

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