Baseball beats the NFL in TV ratings in bizarre reversal of fortune

In a true turn back the clock moment, Sunday night’s World Series TV ratings out performed the NFL’s Dallas vs. Philadelphia match-up. 

For years now there is a constant in the sporting television world – nothing touches the NFL. Even with countless player scandals, both on and off the field, and insanely tight restrictions on individuality, the NFL juggernaut continued its march forward.

Typically, every week in the Sunday day time, evening and Monday evening time slots the NFL dominates all competition. 2016 has seen an overall dip in TV ratings. However Sunday night the Cubs’ victory in Game 5 of the World Series drew a 15.3 rating beating the Dallas vs. Philly 11.6 rating.

That’s right, all you baseball holdouts that never gave up faith. You finally got the average sports fan to return to baseball – for a few games.

Are people sick of Roger Goodell? Are fans tired of a 60 minute game taking up to three and a half hours? Is baseball the sport of the future? Yes, no one likes Goodell. If they didn’t long long games they wouldn’t turn to baseball. Sorry baseball, soccer gets the tagline “sport of the future”.

Now while it is true that TV ratings for the NFL are down across the board this year, it isn’t really just on them.

Sports ratings are down in general because of three key factors.

1 – The Ultimate Grudge Match. Until Clinton v. Trump wraps up in just about a week’s time, a huge portion of the media and nation’s attention is diverted.

2 – Too Much Sports? Even though it happens most every year, right now seems like an onslaught. NFL. College Football. World Series. NBA and NHL are starting. MLS Playoffs. EPL and Champions League are rolling. I surrender, my Twitter feed is on overload.

3 – Better ways to stay up to date. NFL Red Zone, Twitter and sports sites can sometimes be a perfect alternative if you don’t have all day to sit on your couch.

The NFL isn’t too concerned. Something that big doesn’t fall quickly. Check back during the playoffs and we will see if all the fuss was warranted.

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