Can NFL’s most dynamic young duo turn Cowboys into fan favorites?

After years of struggling or failing to reach the top tier with Romo, can the new Dallas Cowboys rookie duo revive their status as America’s Team? 

The Cowboys are one of those teams you either love or you hate. The tagline America’s Team only seemed to further define those two distinct groups. If you are a Cowboys fans you probably still see the team like this.

And they have their point. They are the second most successful team in NFL history on 5 Super Bowl wins and have produced decades of stars. The problem is that all of that was 20 years ago. While they still pull in the most TV ratings and revenue across the league, non-Cowboy fans view the team with this perspective.

The Charlie Browns of the NFL; usually failing from the get-go, or, on the off chance they do make progress, something like that happens.

That all comes down to leadership on the field and players who excite the fans. For better or worse, but mostly worse, the Cowboys’ last decade has been defined by Tony Romo. Great on some days, but mostly getting injured.

Seriously, Romo is the NFL crash dummy at this point. He missed time, sometimes significant time, in seven of the last nine seasons. It seems like he injures his back every other start; the sight of Romo down is an annual tradition for the Cowboys like playing on Thanksgiving day.

Typically, this signals the end of that year for Dallas, but for once, Tony’s injury may have actually made the team better. Enter the best young duo to hit Dallas since Aikman and Smith – also know as the 3 Super Bowl era.

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot have exploded onto the NFL scene. After Sunday night’s big overtime win versus the Eagles, it seems highly unlikely the Cowboys would miss the playoffs. But the real question begs, once Romo is fit, they aren’t going to start him…right?

Neutral fans have to admit it, those two players are exciting to watch. However, hardly anyone is neutral when it comes to the Cowboys. You may not like them, but if Prescott keeps the starting role and leads the Cowboys deep into the playoffs, their star status will be elevated on the field to match what is it off the field.

Like it or not, America’s Team may finally have returned.

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