LeBron James jinxes Cleveland Indians by trolling Golden State Warriors

Asha Doucet

In case you missed it, the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series, meaning the Cleveland Indians blew a 3-1 lead and they have Lebron James to thank for it.

James threw a Halloween party for teammates and friends and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take shots at the Warriors. His trolling of the Dubs reminded everyone that Golden State choked away a 3-1 lead, allowing him to capture a third NBA title. James’ trolling included a skeleton behind a drum set with 3-1 written on it and tombstone cookies with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson’s names on them (he must have forgotten to make one for Draymond).

Credit: Twitter
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Credit: Twitter

Of course, the Warriors took exception to this move, and apparently, so did the sports gods.

Unfortunately for Cleveland, the Cubs just snapped the longest championship drought of any franchise across all major sports and did it at the expense of LeBron’s Yankees, er I mean Indians, my bad.

After the Cubs got off to an early lead, the Indians rallied back to tie the game in the bottom of the 8th and LeBron James was pumped up.

In this moment, he probably thought they were saving him from imminent trolling, so yeah, he was lit. But the baseball gods weren’t done with James or the Indians. After a 17-minute rain delay, Chicago ultimately came away with a 8-7 victory in extra innings.

As tweeted by Draymond immediately after the Cubs won their first title in 108 years, a 3-1 lead does suck.


It definitely sucks for the Indians right now, and somewhere in Cleveland, LBJ is getting a taste of his own medicine.

Of course the internet, myself included, couldn’t let James walk away without being trolled, and oh was he. Here are some of my favorite LBJ/Indians trolls following the epic game 7.

In all seriousness, congratulations to the Cubs on pulling out a historic win in an epic Game 7 that was one for the ages. But we all have to admit, LeBron sent some bad voodoo Cleveland’s way with his Halloween party antics.

In a stunning example of karmic beauty, the city of Cleveland “choked” away their own 3-1 lead in a championship series after having come back from one earlier this year. The turn of events can be chalked up to instant karma and bad juju, seeing as James’ antics took place around Halloween. With the heat James is taking from Twitter, I wonder if he will start his social media ban early this year because now the 3-1 jokes are on him.

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