With “apocalypse” impending, why every sports fan should vote

Ted Germain

With the Cubs (players, coaches and faithful) finally getting the billy goats off their backs and winning the World Series after being down 3-1 to the Indians, 2016 has officially been cemented as the year of the sports fan. Athletics, from a viewer’s perspective have been ridiculously entertaining since Jan 1, and seem to have only increased in watchability as the moment grew bigger. It’s been good. A little too good. Does all this greatness perhaps have a different meaning? An ulterior motive? Because when pigs start flying, does that mean the end times are near?

Not a baseball fan, more of a basketball person? Well then, not only did you see the Warriors dismantling the rest of the league to a record setting 73 win season full of theatrics no bigger than Steph’s dang near 82-foot three in OT to beat the Thunder, but then you witnessed LeBron lift the Cavs and the entire city of Cleveland back from a 3-1 deficit (and out of a 52 year winless hole) to defeat the greatest team of all time, literally, on their own floor!


More of a college b-ball/March Madness junkie? Well that ended how everyone wishes it would end every year, with a buzzer beating three against one of college basketball’s most prestigious universities, North Carolina, coming from underdog Villanova from the hands of even lesser known player, Kris Jenkins.

Surely, just by passing by a sports bar you at least caught some of the Olympics, which honestly was more of the same, but it could have not been!

USA vs. China vs everybody else, Michael Phelps and USA basketball cleaning up where they should, and the only non-American that Americans root for, Usain Bolt, establishing himself as the greatest sprinter ever. Not to mention Simone and the “final five” epitomizing what it means to be a modern gymnast and absolutely dominating.

Okay, so the Super Bowl wasn’t exactly the nail-biting touchdown fest that we all hoped for, but there was still Peyton Manning bringing home one final and well deserved Lombardi trophy during his final season, and with the 2016/2017 season entering week 9: America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys look to be back to prominence, and the Minnesota Vikings, repping the city with the biggest(25 years)title drought now that the Cavs won, only have two losses.


The Cubs won the World series. The city of Cleveland snapped its 52 year streak of not winning a championship–all in the same year that Drake, Kanye, and Beyonce dropped huge albums and Leo finally got that Oscar.

What’s next?

The Browns winning the Super Bowl? Joel Embiid leading the #LotteryPicksEveryYear Sixers to an NBA title?  Enjoy the good while it’s here and brace yourself for whatever it is that may happen within the next week or two. Vote people, vote. Vote people….vote.

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