The most miserable franchises in the NBA

Jesse Kass

After 108 years without a championship, the Chicago Cubs finally won a World Series, breaking the longest championship drought in American sports history. Professional Basketball has only been around since 1946, so while no NBA can match the 108 year drought of the Cubs, there are several teams with prolonged title droughts.

With the Cubs getting the monkey (or goat in this case) off their back, let’s take a look at which NBA franchises have gone the longest without reaching the promised land.

Out of all of these franchises, the Los Angeles Clippers seem to be the only one of the group with a real shot to end their drought this season, but even they are not expected to do so. The Atlanta Hawks, Portland Trailblazers, and Oklahoma City Thunder all have solid teams but are long shots to compete for a championship this year.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

However, as the Cubs have just shown, even if it takes over 100 years, anything is possible.

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