Michael Jordan Disses LaVar Ball into another stratosphere

Zimran Jacob

Stop what you’re doing. The great one just got on the microphone, dissed LaVar Ball for two minutes and then should have proceeded to drop the mic.

Michael Jordan was speaking to a group of kids at a Michael Jordan Flight School basketball camp when LaVar Ball’s name came up. Jordan went on to say that he believed Lonzo had great potential and that he knew the Young Mr. Ball could succeed in the NBA. Then he said something that brought the crowd into a frenzy.

“I would tell (LaVar) to shut up,” MJ said as he was greeted with thunderous laughter and applause. Michael continued. He trotted out LaVar’s basketball resume as a college player who scored 2.2 points a game. Then he dropped the big bomb.

“And no. He cannot beat me… I don’t think (LaVar) could beat me if I was one-legged,” Jordan exclaimed as the crowd erupted again in joyous laughter and excitement. Jordan had taken on a villain very publicly and the crowd ate it up.

This is all perfect for the NBA, the Lakers, and Lonzo Ball. The hype is too big for people to ignore anymore. The hype has turned into a tornado meeting circus freak show. The spectacle is too enticing and the result has been exactly what LaVar wanted when he openly stated that he would beat MJ in a game of one on one.

There’s only one way to settle this: a one on one game for all the marbles. It would be a highly televised event and it would settle the score. It would be phenomenal entertainment and it could play into the hand of both the Jordan and the Big Baller Brand.

This matchup will likely not happen, but LaVar has won again. He prompted a response from Jordan who had no choice but to respond after a point. LaVar has spoken himself into relevancy and again, has played the rest of us as pawns. There was no other way for Jordan to play it. He had been silent for so long, and that strategy was no longer feasible. In doing so, he gave LaVar everything he wanted: a provocative statement from MJ and more free publicity.

When you challenge the King, you don’t have room to miss. LaVar knows that he would get obliterated in a game of one on one, so he instead engaged the King in a war of words. The Elder Mr. Ball knew that Jordan’s competitive spirit would not allow MJ to stay silent forever, and that the inevitable result would be something like this. This is exactly what LaVar Ball dreamed about. And his dream came true.

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