NFLer offers ransom for $25k worth of stolen Magic cards

If you thought your Tuesday was bad, Seahawks LB Cassius Marsh’s was even worse. His car was broken into, but that wasn’t his main concern. 

Late Tuesday night, the majority of Seattle was tuned into the election results for two main decisions: the president and the hotly debated ST3 transit measure that would deliver one of the largest infrastructure projects in the nation. Someone, however, was doing neither, because they were stealing items from Marsh’s vehicle.

His girlfriend had the car at a club downtown when someone smashed the window and stole two backpacks. They contained an estimate $20-25,000 in Magic The Gathering cards. Yeah, these things.

Cassius stated that they were his prized possession and has offered a unique reward for their return; he is offering to not press charges if the cards are brought back and give tickets to the next Seahawks home game. The real question is whether or not the person knew what they were stealing, and if they’re bold enough to try and sell the collection unnoticed.

The thief also took off with a Seattle Seahawk issued iPad. Time to switch up those plays that worked so well for Russell Wilson and company Monday night. And they finally had the offense figured out again!

Everyone knows not to leave valuables in your car. I’m sure the team has a policy about risking their iPads and information. Plus, if those cards were truly his most prized possession, why are they just in a backpack in his car?

But as a fan of games, I can understand his frustration of maybe 10-15 years worth of collecting. Marsh stated,

I’m a nerd, for sure. I’ve been playing since I was 11. How people like gaming, I like cards. It’s not even the money. I really enjoy playing the game. To me, that’s what I do to get my mind off things sometimes. You know how people zone out sometimes? That’s how I zone out. It’s hurtful because those are one things I really care about.

Cassius Marsh

If he doesn’t get these cards back, you can bet a future RB or WR on the Hawks schedule will be getting this treatment.


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