Rousey makes awkward UFC return, storms off stage

Fans of former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey have been waiting a while for a chance to see ‘Rowdy’ again and they finally got what they wanted…sort of.

Rousey’s basically been out of the public eye since this happened last year:

But the former champ made a surprise appearance at the UFC 205 weigh-ins on Friday night in New York City. Rousey hasn’t done any media appearances for the UFC since losing her belt and hasn’t been in the limelight period, aside from a recent interview on Ellen.

Rousey’s return fight was announced recently, a title fight against current champ Amanda Nunes, and the two of them faced off for the first time in front of a packed house in NY. They will officially square off for the belt on December 30 at UFC 207, but it looks like the war before the war has already kicked off.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan made a surprising announcement after all the UFC 205 fighters weighed-in, calling Rousey to the stage. The camera followed as Rousey made a somewhat awkward and definitely intense march to the stage, where she then waited as Nunes was called up. The two faced off, then as usual, Rogan turned to the fighters for a quick interview. Nunes went first and as she did Rousey quickly turned and stormed off the stage without a word.

Even during her dominant reign as champ Rousey’s somewhat brash and cocky attitude seemed to rub some the wrong way, which ultimately led to the social media beating she suffered at the hands of internet trolls after her KO loss. But it seems pretty clear we won’t be getting a different Rousey, she’s still going to do her.

She’s the fight I ask for. I train for this day my whole career [in] the UFC. Now I have a chance to defend my belt against her. It’s going to be amazing.

Amanda Nunes on fighting Ronda Rousey.

Are you a fan of ‘Rowdy’s’ aggressive attitude and dramatic actions, or would you have liked to seen her come back a little more humble?

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