Master plan behind Stephen Curry’s Warriors super villain party revealed

Just in case you didn’t hate Golden State enough before, their latest move should really grind your gears. The Warriors recently celebrated being the league’s most hated team in the most epic way.

Over the weekend, on their first off day of the season, Golden State decided to make great use of their idle time. Stephen Curry threw a huge “Super Villains” themed party at his house in Cali where he invited the entire Warriors team over to celebrate their “bad guys” reputation. The gathering was complete with costumes, balloons and face painting, and more importantly a personalized Snapchat filter.

The Warriors and their players took a lot of heat during the offseason. They lost a 3-1 lead to Cleveland, which ultimately led to the loss of their second title and are believed to have stolen former league MVP Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder. After all of this, they easily became the team you love to hate. Still facing constant criticism, this was clearly an effort to avoid the naysayers from getting to them. Ironically, this is seemingly how they handle most of their conflicts. The Warriors not only fully embrace their antagonistic reputation, but these guys take bubble baths in it, which this party undoubtedly proves.

Even though trolling and a hint of genius comes off as maybe the only purpose to this party, other motives and benefits were visible as well. Nothing brings people together more than a common interest, which most teams find in the desire to win a championship. In this particular situation, these guys have that in addition to believing that they are the enemy and the most hated team in the NBA. While the Twitterverse and other NBA players may have seen this as a cry for attention, Curry had to have seen this as killing several birds with one stone. As the leader, what better way to bring a newly formed team together who is rumored to be struggling with cohesion, than convincing them all that the world is against them and that the only way through is together. On top of that, the party looks a lot like a warning to the other teams that the Warriors are coming for them.


We already knew he was a chef, but by concocting this brilliant master plan, Steph is showing that he is beyond qualified for this whole super villain thing; a moniker that will be attached to him and his team for the remainder of the season. I bet the team was unsuspecting of this strategic tactic as well. We will have to wait to see if the outcome of this party will produce championship level results.

However, what is certain is that, if nothing else, the efforts behind the celebration will create a unique bond and a hungry team. Why? Because once you decide to be the villains, everything becomes easy after that. The goal as well as the path become clear: total domination at any cost and obliterating everything (in this case, every team) in your way. So teams should be afraid, very afraid.

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