John Wall’s protests, Bradley Beal rumors dangerous for Wizards

Things just aren’t going well in Washington and frustration is starting to bubble up quickly, especially for the seventh year point guard John Wall. The once jovial rookie best known for his “one and done” status and dance moves is not happy and wants everyone to know it.

This season, the top NBA stories have been riddled with headlines about the Golden State Warriors, Russell Westbrook and the Cleveland Cavaliers. In Wall’s mind, where’s the love for Washington (and by ‘Washington’ he means him)? John Wall’s recent antics are a cry for attention. At least that’s the message he’s giving his front office, teammates and fans. Wall has managed to get ejected not once but twice in two consecutive games.

John is a three time All-Star, nearly averages a double double in points and assists, is considered one of the top 10 point guards in the league but yet, finds himself on the short end of the stick. On the surface, it seems like he’s a success but he hasn’t been able to avoid rumors regarding his relationship with counterpart Bradley Beal and the money (or lack thereof) that he’s making. He took to Uninterrupted with the intention to “clear the air” but may have made the video in vain.

If John Wall is not going receive a max contract, he – at the very least needs – to feel needed. It’s hard to ignore when teams roll out the red carpet for their franchise players, for Wall he resurrected a dying franchise in the Washington Wizards and it’s about time he get’s his own red carpet! Right? Wrong.

Elite players in the league don’t sulk or get ejected from games to show frustration. They play their way to legendary status. John’s primary position is the leader of the Washington Wizards and making comments about your teammates’ deals, getting ejected during games, and publicly showing dismay isn’t how you win over your fans that pay to watch you play, teammates that you need in order to be successful or your front office that may trade you if problems persist. A level of maturity is missing in Wall’s DNA to graduate from frustrated baller to franchise leader. Wizards can only turn things around with Wall at the forefront.

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