3 NBA teams boycott Trump Hotels

Following the controversial election, three NBA teams stated their feelings by announcing they will avoid Trump Hotels going forward. 

Thousands of citizens in major US cities have been taking to the streets each night to protect the election of Donald Trump. This week, hundreds of high schools across the nation have seen students walk out in protest marches as well. Well go ahead and officially add 10% of the NBA to that group.

The Dallas Mavericks confirmed this week that they, like two other teams, will no longer be staying at any Trump owned properties while traveling for NBA games. They are joined by the Milwaukee Bucks and Memphis Grizzlies.

Interestingly, all three teams reside in states and the city of Memphis that ended up voting for Trump, while Milwaukee and Dallas went to Clinton.


Now for Cuban’s part, he stated today that the decision was made months ago based on the feud between the two men, and not just the election results.


The election has impacted the Trump brand hotels to the point that they are now branding new hotels with the name “Scion” instead.

It would not be surprising at all to see the anti-Trump trend continue across the NBA as the weeks and months go by. Golden State‘s Steve Kerr and San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich both have been outspoken against the President-elect in recent days. Not to mention the numerous players who campaigned for Clinton.

Now the NBA is not new to the world of sports vs. politics. In the past few years, North Carolina passed the controversial HB2 bill that brought criticism from citizens, businesses and the entertainment world.

The NBA All-Star game had been scheduled in the state. Right after the bill, several companies pulled plans to move operations to North Carolina and artists canceled concerts. However, it was a big blow when the NBA finally made a decision on the game and decided to peace out. Enjoy watching the All-Star Game on TV instead of in-person, NC.


The more interesting question will be if one of the teams avoiding the Trump ban wins the NBA Championship, will they visit the White House? A big tradition of sports teams in America, and with Obama being  a huge basketball fan, it has been a great collaboration between the two entities recently.

If the Mavericks were to win the NBA Championship, would Cuban simply refuse the White House visit? Or perhaps the White House would have someone else greet the team? Given that any of the three teams have a great shot at winning this year’s title, it would make for an interesting situation.

Stay tuned for more NBA teams, players, coaches or even the league making news as the nation settles into a new President.

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