The Rock’s uncle once ripped out a man’s eyeball

We all know about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s position as Hollywood’s go to hard man, but wait till you hear about his uncle.

King Haku

Tonga ‘Uli’uli Fifita was born 1959 and was a complete badass from the day he entered this world. He performed under the name “Meng” “King Haku” or “King Tonga.”

“Haku has the reputation of being, perhaps, the toughest man to step in the ring. Just the mention of his name would send running chills up the spine of his foes, and some of his friends, too.”


King Haku

The stories weren’t just talk, they were genuine tales of utter barbarity. He once took things to the extreme when he fell out with fellow wrestler Jesse Barr backstage, which allegedly resulted in Fifita gouging one of Barr’s eyeballs out. In truth, this story can’t be completely validated.


Fifita, in a 2011 interview, stated:

“I didn’t take his eyeballs off. I was ready to, my hands were in there, ready to take his eye off, together. I told Jim after all these things were about comments made about my hairstyle, he told me to get a comb, and he got fired for it, and all these things here, and I feel bad for him, Jim. It was something that happened at that moment. I was ready to take out both.”

Respected former wrestler William Scott “Bill” Goldberg had this to say:

“I guarantee you, the Steiner Brothers and Meng and The Barbarian would have made a huge splash in the MMA world. I don’t know of a human being alive that could take out Meng in his prime. I really don’t. One story I remember was when it took like 13 guys to get him out of a bar with Ric Flair. He was pepper sprayed and laughed at the cops and broke the cuffs right in front of them. This was a totally different human being.”

William Scott “Bill” Goldberg with "The Undertaker
William Scott “Bill” Goldberg with “The Undertaker.”


In an interview Bobby Heenan added some more weight to the legend, his story corroborated the suggestion that this was one of the toughest men in the world:

“Meng took his two fingers on his right hand, his index finger and trigger finger, and he reached into the guy’s mouth and he broke off the guy’s bottom teeth.” Heenan said that if he hadn’t been there and seen it himself, he wouldn’t believe it.”

You know a dude is tough when other gnarly dudes are backing the fuck down:

“If I had a gun and was sitting inside a tank with one shell left and Meng is 300 yards away, he’s mine, right? Well the first thing I’m going to do is jump out of the tank and shoot myself because I don’t want to wound that son of a bitch and have him pissed off at me.”

Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

The stories are so abundant that it’s hard not to come to the same conclusion each time. This was one hard bastard.

This man is literally the Mountain..

The Mountain (Source/Digital Spy).
The Mountain (Source/Digital Spy).

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