WATCH: Steelers fan destroys TV after loss to Cowboys

In what may go down as the most exciting game of the 2016 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys were able to exit Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field last Sunday with a 35-30 victory over the Steelers. The win seemed improbable given that the Cowboys had only 42 seconds to drive 75 yards in order to score their game winning touchdown.

So while Dallas left the Steel City in celebration, Steelers fans all over the country were left screaming in front of their televisions.

However, one Pittsburgh fan in particular felt that his TV should become the victim of punishment after his team’s last second loss. At least that is what he made it look like in the video below.

In the video, which seems to have been recorded by the fan’s child, the grown man in a Maurkice Pouncey jersey (role model) can be seen screaming toward the television at the conclusion of the game. He then proceeds to unplug the TV and the person recording sprints into another room to let his or her mom know that Dad is about to beat the crap out of the electronic device like it is an NFL player’s wife.

The dad then uses an aluminum bat to repeatedly smash the back of the TV and most likely prevent it from ever turning on again. Seems a little harsh for the appliance that provided him with the ability to watch the Steelers’ demise on Sunday in the first place.

Some are questioning the validity of the video, saying that the incident was staged and the TV was already broken. Maybe that is possible but the only thing that may cause any doubt is that the fan destroys the TV in another room.

Why would he carry it to another room just to beat it with a bat? Perhaps they just installed some new carpeting in the room where the TV originally was and the Dad did not want to ruin his new flooring investment?

Who knows, but at least it still proves that there are people in the world that take sports a tad bit too seriously.

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