WATCH: Sound guy in the wrong place at the wrong time

From the first snap they take in their pee-wee league, NFL players have been taught for their entire football careers on how to take a hit. Of course, these players have also had the luxury of wearing pads when they get pummeled by a human freight train.

However, not everyone on the field during an NFL game is wearing pads. So those without the proper protection are susceptible to a random collision on the sideline.

On Sunday, a new precedent was set when a sound guy for FOX Sports was flattened during the player introductions of the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals. Not too sure as to why he needed to cross the path of the oncoming stampede of Vikings players at the moment that he did, but this chicken did not have a safe trip across the road.

Here is a clip of the hit in real time.

Little did the Vikings know, the hit would be a glimpse into the outcome of their game on Sunday. Minnesota ended up defeating the Cardinals by a final score of 30-26.

Vikings defensive tackle Linval Joseph, who delivered the hit to the Sam Elliott look-alike before the game, ended Sunday with seven tackles Arizona. The NFL usually does not include pregame hits into a player’s final tackle total, but they may have to make an exception for Joseph on Sunday.

Since WWE Survivor Series was scheduled for the same day, perhaps the Minnesota defensive lineman was just doing his best impression of WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg?

But whatever the cause was that allowed this pregame sequence to occur on Sunday, NFL fans should be thankful that it did. The games on the Week 11 slate did not really bring the excitement, so this at least made it a week to remember.

In case anyone was wondering, the guy who sustained the hit in the video is alive and well. He will just need to make a trip to the eye doctor to pick up a new pair of glasses this week.

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