Fastest NBA team to run over 1,400 miles on court this season

A Portland Trailblazers game involves a lot of running. Fifty four and a half marathons worth of running before the end of the season on April 12th to be exact. Using player and team tracking statistics, Rip City is the team that is racking up the most miles. 

When looking at individual tracking stats, number one and two on the list are Portland guards CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard respectively. They together are responsible for 85.5 of the 294.5 miles run so far this season. If the team stays this active on offense and defense for the rest of the year they will have together run in fifty four marathons before the season ends or around 1,425 miles.

So far, those miles aren’t adding up to wins as the Blazers come in just under .500 so far this season. But if they don’t wear themselves out before the end of the season and they’re ready for playoff time, they could be a never ending rotating, moving, spreading team that no one wants to face in the first round of the playoffs.  Especially if a team is worn down, plagued with injuries, or just not used to running that much.

Teams in general usually put in about seventeen miles all together per night, but no 1-2 guard combination puts in that many miles together at once. Before these numbers came out most would have suspected Steph Curry and Klay Thompson based on the eye test. But math proves these two Trailblazers basically never stop.

The current issue racking the Blazers is one of the league’s worst defensive ratings. Turns out Swiss cheese defense doesn’t help you win games no matter how far your guards run.

It’s just disappointing. We should have picked up where we left off last season. We haven’t.

Trailblazers Head Coach Terry Stotts

The season isn’t quite a quarter of the way through yet, so they can’t be counted out. But stamina is going to be key if they plan on running this way the rest of the season. It certainly isn’t for a lack of effort. The Blazers are argued as the number two back court in the league this year, just behind Steph and Klay. Although not in marathon miles.



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