WATCH: Top NBA draft prospect makes insane full court trick shot

Markelle Fultz is a right-handed James Harden and projected #1 pick in next year’s NBA draft. He can do some pretty impressive things on a basketball court, but none more impressive than this full court shot he knocked down in practice.

With the college basketball season just getting underway, a hyped freshman class has already begun to show why there was so much excitement surrounding them coming into the season. Markelle Fultz, a 6’4 guard from the University of Washington, seems to be the cream of the crop, showing off his insane skills and smooth game every chance he gets. No player has looked more impressive than Fultz; he has been on fire and looks ready for the NBA.

Fultz reminds me of a right-handed James Harden, his smooth style, nasty crossover and ability to finish at the rim separate him from the rest of his young counterparts. He has the size and ability to play both guard positions, but much like Harden, is better with the ball in his hands and will probably play point guard at the next level.

The Sixers, Mavericks, Suns, and Nets (whose pick would go to the Celtics) are the current bottom feeders and seem to be the early favorites to win the Fultz lottery. Any NBA team would benefit from a young combo guard who can score and make plays for his teammates, but Philadelphia would be the best landing spot for a player like Fultz.

The Sixers have been the laughing stock of the NBA for the pat few seasons, but Sam Hinkie’s master plan seems to be paying off, although Hinkie did abruptly resign from the team last season. With the emergence of Joel Embid, who is putting up ridiculous number playing only 26 minutes a game and first overall pick Ben Simmons set to come back sometime this season, the Sixers are one more young star away from being a truly intriguing team.

With young teams like the Lakers and Wolves gaining so much attention for their young stars, the addition of Fultz could put the Sixers in the conversation for the best young core in the NBA.

A potential Embid, Simmons and Fultz combo gives the Sixers one of the highest ceilings in the NBA, rivaled only by Towns, Wiggins and LaVine in Minnesota. So keep tanking Philadelphia, hope is on the horizon!

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