Ravens use creative loophole to win game with time expiring

If Jim Harbaugh is an asshole, his brother John Harbaugh is just a bit cheeky. Watch how he instructs his entire team to intentionally hold every Bengal attempting to rush the punter as time expires to secure a win in truly bizarre fashion:

The sheer variety in the different types of holds used is incredible. From headlocks, to arm bars, to straight up judo takedowns, the Ravens got real creative to keep the Bengals from getting near the punter. Morally dubious, but Harbaugh would probably claim “that makes me smart,” given it’s within the letter of the law.

This isn’t the first time John Harbaugh has done this. He employed the same technique to win Super Bowl 47 over his own brother, who was coaching the 49ers at the time:

Amazing that Jim, whose instructions fall somewhere between “gamesmanship” and “cheating,” is winning the most likable brother contest by a mile.

But what do you expect when John is running on a platform of khakis and being an asshole?

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