Crazy surfer rides biggest wave ever surfed

Some people are born with balls the size of watermelons. Not like some sick medical condition, but big, gnarly nuts. Like this guy, legendary Billabong surfer Mike Parsons, who stared death in the face as he rode this 8-story biblical wave.

Incredible wave surfing

Here it is with sound in case the gif didn’t make you shit your pants:

There are only a few places on the planet that produce waves of this magnitude. This nightmarish place is called Cortes Bank, and it’s about 100 miles off the coast of California. Hear Parsons talk about surfing that tsunami in his own words:

They were the biggest waves I’d ever seen, hands down, easy.

Mike Parsons

Note to self: stay the fuck from round Cortes Bank unless you wanna end up dead like that guy from Interstellar (one of the greatest “holy shit!” movie scenes ever):

Mike Parsons, hats off to ya’, you’re a living legend. But catch me on land, g.

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