Lunatic attempts 172 foot world record high dive

Most people think Red Bull’s Felix Baumgartner was the first person to jump from outer space back to Earth, but they’re wrong. Because in 1984, professional high diver and style icon Dana Knuze executed a flawless triple gainer from low earth orbit (172 feet) to win the high diving world championships.

172 feet seems like a lot, but you don’t have context until you see the camera pan up the tower and it just keeps on going. This guy is higher than giraffe pussy. He’s higher than the cop that called the cops on himself after eating the weed.

Here’s the video in all of its glory:

The best part is the lifeguard-style nose sunblock…like that’s gonna protect you from certain death. In the 32 years since Knuze’s dive, no one has broken his record and emerged unscathed. Multiple leg fractures, broken back, and best of all, “not considered as a high dive.”

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Dana Knuze has since transformed himself into a high dive mogul as CEO of Water Show Productions. What a renegade.

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