WATCH: JR Smith decides to stop playing defense to hang out with Jason Terry

Jason Terry used the art of distraction to get his team a bucket against the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday night. The seasoned vet had a trick up his sleeve for J.R. Smith, who was just looking to give his boy some love on the sideline, when the player he was supposed to be guarding ran uncontested to the basket for an easy jam.


Retired players always complain about how friendly this generation of players are with each other, and how soft the league has become. While I usually chalk that up as just another example of  “get of my lawn” talk, there’s no excuse for blowing a defensive assignment for some in-game dap.

This couldn’t have happened to anybody but J.R. Smith, one of the NBA’s biggest characters both on and off the court. This man will hit a 35 foot game winner, pop bottles til five in the morning and slide into your girl’s DMs all in one night. It’s safe to say the man has more fun than any other player in the league.

With all his antics people, forget how effective of a player J.R. can be. After all, the Cavs are not NBA champions without his contributions throughout the playoffs. Before being traded to the Cavs, JR was shooting the Knicks out of most games, but since arriving in Cleveland he has become a vital role player for a championship team. We all know he’s never scared to take a big shot, no matter the situation. J.R. will continue to do things that make you scratch your head, but his good plays outweigh his bad, which is why the Cavs just signed him to a four-year 57 million dollar contract.

While we all laugh at JR for getting played by Jason Terry, JR will laugh back, straight to the bank, with his shirt off and a ring on his finger. He’s an NBA champion and you can’t tell him nothing, and why would you, he makes the league 10x more fun.

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