The Rock once attempted to rip out a teammate’s tongue

Clearly a sign that he was destined for the WWE ring, The Rock once attacked a teammate and attempted to rip his tongue out. 

The WWE has a full history of colorful characters both in and out of the ring. The Rock has achieved superstar status both as a professional wrestler and now a movie star. Prior to his electrifying run in the WWE, he was destroying collegiate football players as a University of Miami linebacker.

The Rock comes from a hyper aggressive family. The other week we highlighted an old story about how his uncle, aka Meng, once tried to tear out someone’s eyeball.

The family’s motto is basically “come at me bro.”

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, The Rock retold a story about a brawl while at Miami with a fellow teammate. Perhaps lineman Kevin Patrick was feeling tough that day or had no idea who Dwayne Johnson would go on to be. Either way, he ended up mouthing off to the wrong person.

Johnson felt like he should be getting playing time over his main competition – Warren Sapp. Considering Sapp is an NFL great, let’s just assume the teammate was correct, but stupid.

Me and Kevin were in a coach’s office, and he was talking s—, as always, but this time I just lost it. It was like a movie fight—the desk got turned over, stuff was flying all over the place. We spilled out onto the weight room floor, still going at it. He wouldn’t stop talking, so I decided to pull his tongue out.

The Rock

This turned out not be just an aggressive statement or over exaggeration, but an accurate play by play.

I stuffed my big ol’ hand into his mouth, and I had a couple of fingers around his tongue, but it was so damn slippery! I was quite serious about pulling it out, but I couldn’t quite get a hold of it. Eventually I gave up, the fight ended, and two minutes later we were hugging each other. It was so dumb.

The Rock

Mr. Patrick can thank saliva as the saving grace for still having a tongue right now. If The Rock has succeeded, he would likely have been kicked off the UM football team. But that would have just jumped started his professional wrestling career with the WWE even sooner.

Johnson has tons of personality, and was even named Sexist Man Alive by People this year. But the lesson is, don’t mess with The Rock, and it is probably best not to mess with family. Unless you are trying to get a body part removed.

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