WATCH: Draymond Green kicks James Harden in the head

Some people have trouble kicking habits – Draymond Green just has a kicking habit. His latest victim: James Harden. 

Green put those size 15s all up in Harden’s grill. Natural shooting motion my ass. He’s on some Cirque du Soleil shit.

The best part of the video is Reggie Miller’s super insightful commentary, “that left hand to the elbow face…”

What the fuck, Reggie Miller? Did a hacker seize control of your tongue? Or your eyes? Draymond Green just kicked James Harden – a dude who’s 6’5″ – in the head, you’re talking about left hands to the “elbow face?”

Do you know how hard it is to kick somebody who’s 6’5″ in the head?

But enough about Reggie Miller and his uncannily irrelevant commentary. Let’s look at the other people Draymond Green has kicked recently.

Victim 1: Steven Adams

This is Draymond’s piece de resistance. No nuance, no tact, just a shot to the nuts. The best part is that Draymond looks around like, “What the fuck, this guy just kicked himself in the nuts!”

Victim 2: Allen Crabbe

Green crane kicked the shit out of him. Mr. Miagi would be proud. But Crabbe is probably thanking his lucky stars that he didn’t get it as bad as Steven Adams.

Draymond was also involved in a well-documented scuffle with LeBron James during the NBA finals:

But since there wasn’t a kick involved, it only gets an honorable mention.

Draymond’s propensity to bust out Mortal Kombat-style makes you wonder if there’s not some Super Troopers type bet going on in the Warriors’ locker room.

Instead of “meows,” it’s kicks, though.

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