Top 10 crossovers in NBA history

The NBA has changed dramatically over the years, especially when talking about skills. The game was screwed, and I mean that in a good way, ever since Magic Johnson played his first game. Now Magic wasn’t one of the flashiest dribblers, but he transformed the point guard position, and please say this in a Squints from The Sandlot way, for-ev-er.

The crossover the best and most exciting move anyone can do. There’s nothing like watching a ball handler break his defenders ankles with a nasty cross. So here are the NBA’s 10 best crossovers ever!


Today, if you don’t have an elite point guard, you’re not gonna be a contender. Guards today have honed in their dibbling skills so much that it’s what most people go to games to see. It is also the reason why the NBA itself have changed some of the rules, to allow these players to excite the fans with their unbelievable moves.

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