NFL’s dopest punter destroys opponent for snitching on him

Marquette King took to twitter to call out a Bills player who pointed out his unsportsmanlike celebration to a referee.

If you don’t know who Marquette King is, what the hell is wrong with you? King is the NFL’s best and most colorful punter. In a game Sunday against the Bills, King was up to usual ways, pinning teams inside their own 10-yard lines, when a roughing the punter flag was thrown, giving the Raiders a first down. In today’s watered down, no fun NFL, most punters would give a golf clap and jog off the field. Not King, who proceeded to pick up the flag, “hit dem folks,” spike it, and walk off the field like a boss.


King was, of course, flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, because the NFL wants the any semblance of personality and individualism taken out the game. I feel like Roger Goodell dreams of a day where the NFL is like Westworld and all the players are robots which he can control, but spoiler alert, we all found out how that turns out.

After the game King did some research and tweeted out a picture of a Bills player pointing out his dance to a referee, calling him a snitch. This player was obviously salty that King stunted on him, or he is one of Goodell aforementioned robots, put on the field to destroy anything fun.

Marquette King is great for football, not only is he the NFL’s best punter, he has fun doing it. King is in the one percent of athletes to reach the highest level of competition, let him celebrate after doing something only a handful of guys in the world could do.

I am pro Marquette King, never change, and continue to fight the good fight, for punters and for fun. The next time the ref decides to flag you for having fun, pick up the flag and punt it to the opponents’ 1-yard line, that what you usually do with the football anyway.

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