WATCH: Party school legend throws down monster alley-oop

Obinna Oleka has no regard for human life as he throws down a monster dunk against Purdue.

Arizona State University has the deserved reputation as one of the top party schools in the country. It does not however, have a reputation as a basketball powerhouse, but junior forward Obinna Oleka made sure the focus was on ASU hoops tonight. His vicious throw down against Purdue was no doubt the dunk of the night and perhaps the early favorite for dunk of the year.


ASU lost the game by 33 points, but the only two points that mattered were scored by Oleka, who put that poor kid on poster after catching an alley-oop with his head above the rim. The Purdue point guard who got on dunked tried to play it off, but if that were a pick-up game he would have taken his things and went home, there’s no coming back from that. Poor PJ Thompson will have to walk around knowing another man’s groin region touched the back of his head, as he was getting dunked on.


Oleka’s dunk was so impressive, it put to shame a similar alley-oop put down by LeBron James against Toronto.


LeBron’s was nice and all, but maybe he can get some pointers form Oleka, who clearly took his dunk to another level.


I’m still fascinated why so many people are willing to get dunked on. Little man had no chance against Oleka, but still went for the block, like he wasn’t going to end up on the business end of a SportsCenter top 10 dunk. Below is an example of how you can avoid getting dunked on. There are still some lessons to be learned at the college level.

ASU basketball hasn’t been relevant since James harden left in 2009, but at least for tonight, Sun Devil fans have something to be proud of; not the 33 point loss, but Obinna Oleka’s submission for dunk of the year.

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