WATCH: Dog wrecks kid with defensive play of the year

When thinking of of the best tacklers in the history of football, Ray Lewis, Troy Polamalu, Brian Urlacher, and Lawrence Taylor the players that people frequently name. Well now, one furry four-legged animal is making a case for himself.

A video was recently posted of a dad playing a simple game of catch with his young son in the yard. The surprise comes after the kid catches the ball and then gets steamrolled by the family’s fluffy white dog.

After he was upended by man’s best friend, the young boy was unable to hold onto the ball. Based on the recent calls (or lack there of) of NFL officiating crews, the pass would likely be ruled incomplete (Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson may think otherwise).

If this dog’s owners have any amount of brain inside their skulls, they should get their pet an agent and contact the creators of the children’s cult classic Air Bud.

‘Air Bud: Golden Receiver’ was made in 1998 and today’s youth badly need a modern film that depicts a dog playing football. However, given the skills of this particular dog in the video above, filmmakers can base a movie around its abilities on the defensive side of the ball.

Buddy the dog amazed everyone with his football skills in 'Air Bud: Golden Retriever'. (Photo Source: Twitter)
Buddy the dog amazed everyone with his football skills during ‘Air Bud: Golden Retriever’ in 1998. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Perhaps Fluffy: The Four-Legged Freight Train?

If its owners do not shoot for some sort of movie or television deal for their pet, at least they will likely make a nice amount of money from the views of the video alone. The dog should at least be able to convince its owners to buy the kind of premium brand of dog food that causes some people to ponder for a few seconds if they would actually purchase it for their own consumption.

But this dog’s feat on the gridiron is just the latest video to pop up on the internet of the species playing sports with their human friends.

This dog shows off his soccer skills while spending a day at the beach with his friends.

Air Bud has nothing on this next dog who can actually dribble a basketball with his paws.

But nothing can really beat this dog’s skills on a skateboard. Most people with two legs cannot even manage to stay on a board for more than a few seconds and this slobber monster puts them all to shame.

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