Trump taps WWE tycoon for White House cabinet position

President-elect Donald Trump’s relationship with professional wrestling goes waaay back. How else could you explain this:

It’s better without context, but if you must know, that clip is from Wrestlemania 2007. Here’s a slightly more illuminating video:

Given Trump’s enthusiasm for pro wrestling, it only makes sense that he tapped WWE co-founder Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration, a 3,300 person government agency whose mission statement is “to maintain and strengthen the nation’s economy by enabling the establishment and viability of small businesses and by assisting in the economic recovery of communities after disasters.”

Objectively, this nomination might seem crazy because wrestling is fake and the real world is…real. But Linda and her husband, Vince, are self-made billionaires who built WWE from the ground up into a worldwide entertainment conglomerate.

Linda has a tremendous background and is widely recognized as one of the country’s top female executives advising businesses around the globe.

She helped grow WWE from a modest 13-person operation to a publicly traded global enterprise with more than 800 employees in offices worldwide. Linda is going to be a phenomenal leader and champion for small businesses and unleash America’s entrepreneurial spirit all across the country.

Official statement from Trump’s transition team

This isn’t McMahon’s first foray into politics. She launched two unsuccessful bids for the Senate in Connecticut in 2010 and 2012, spending about $100 million out of pocket on each campaign. Ain’t trickin’ if you got it.

She also gave $6 million to Rebuilding America Now, a super PAC that supported Trump’s bid during the presidential race, but that’s neither here nor there.

McMahon might have guaped up Trump’s campaign, but she doesn’t agree with everything Mr. Grab ’em By The Pussy says. In an interview with Yahoo News, she offered some refreshingly level-headed criticism of Trump,

Those [comments] were just over the top; they were deplorable, objectionable absolutely. He’s not helping, certainly, to put women in the best light. Maybe he regrets them, maybe he doesn’t. I realize he punches hard when he punches back, but that’s just over the top. I wish that no candidate would make those comments.

Linda McMahon

While appointing a wrestling executive to an important government position is unusual, let’s not forget that the good people of Minnesota elected former WWF star Jesse Ventura (who’s a fucking boss, by the way) governor from 1999 to 2003.

It’s been a good year for wrestling. Hulk Hogan (who, by all accounts, is a super nice dude in real life) won a shitload of money in his protracted lawsuit against Gawker. Let’s hope Linda McMahon can parlay the vindication of the Hulkster into a successful tenure as head of the SBA, ’cause that’s all we can do at this point.

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