LeBron James attempts water bottle challenge during Knicks game

On Wednesday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers had absolutely zero trouble in defeating the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden by a score of 126-94. But it was what the world’s best basketball player was doing toward the end of the game that has everyone talking.

As the Cavaliers were leading with under a minute remaining in the fourth quarter of Wedesday’s game, the television broadcast focused on LeBron James and his Cleveland teammates attempting to do what is known as the water-bottle challenge.

Now for those who are under the age of 20 and do not know what the water-bottle challenge is, the object is to flip a water bottle and attempt to have it land standing up on different surfaces or objects. A quick search on YouTube should pull up thousands of videos featuring this trendy challenge.

The clip from Wednesday did not show the Cavaliers players succeeding at the challenge, but they were probably worn out from wiping the floor with the Knicks.

Most found what LeBron and his teammates did in New York to be amusing, but of course there are always going to be those who have to spit out their flaming hot takes in order to gain some undeserving notoriety. One of those humans who was not too fond of what the Cleveland bench did on Wednesday was Fox Sports’ own Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe even had the audacity to say that LeBron was, “blatantly disrespectful,” to the Knicks to do something like that during a game. Check out the nonsense coming from Sharpe’s mouth starting at the 2:20 mark in the clip below.

Nice try Shannon, but you are mistaken about which team was blatantly disrespectful on Wednesday night. That would be the team that plays their home games at Madison Square Garden in the New York Knicks.

Perhaps if the Knicks even managed to make their game against the Cavaliers even remotely competitive, LeBron and his buddies would not have had any free time to toss a water bottle onto the court. New York was blatantly disrespectful for forcing their fans to watch that garbage they called playing basketball on their home court Wednesday.

Knicks fans are the ones that should be angry about the results of the game against Cleveland. Not some washed up sports broadcaster who is desperate to keep his name relevant in the eye of the public.

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