WATCH: Monster dunk ends in epic fail

San Antonio guard Jonathan Simmons is creating a reputation of being a fierce competitor and amazing athlete. Most recently, he’s been known to be a high flyer and go-to option for crowd pleasing dunks. Starting his Spurs career during an impressive performance during this year’s summer league, Simmons has worked his way up the line up and receives valuable minutes every game. In fact just days ago he pulled off an amazing in-bound alley-oop dunk on the Milwaukee Bucks that electrified the entire stadium:

“The Juice” was looking a little dry against the Chicago Bulls when he blew a wide open dunk and got called for a foul. All signs were pointing to be a break away basket and possibly another highlight play worthy of Sportscenter Top 10 honors, but instead his dunk quickly turned into a moment I’m sure he wishes he could take back. The only thing that could have made this worse if the camera panned over to Gregg Popovich’s reaction.

On the bright side, while his failed dunk was pretty embarrassing, it doesn’t come close to what Bradley Beal and Marcus Thorton of the Washington Wizards managed to accomplish. During their game against the Brooklyn Nets, together they miss not one, but two back to back buckets. Watch:

One thing for sure is these are all candidates for Shaq’s annual #Shaqtin awards where he highlights the worst (and most ridiculously awful) plays in the NBA all season long. Granted, we’re all human and we have moments that aren’t the best but thanks to plays like the ones you’ve just seen, we can relive those moments over and over again.

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