WATCH: South Dakota State uses trick play from the movies

There have been plenty of astonishing trick plays throughout the history of college football. Well, South Dakota State ran a play that may top anything that has been seen before.

During a game between South Dakota State and North Dakota State, the South Dakota State offense lined up a few yards away from the goal line and called a play that would hopefully lead them to scoring a touchdown. They actually did end up finding the end zone, but the way in which they did it was just pure gold.

These are the types of plays that sometimes make college football more entertaining than the NFL. Only in a college game would a team take a chance on a play that could have easily been taken straight out of the movies.

Some of the best plays in football have actually come from Hollywood. The “Annexation of Puerto Rico” trick play featured in the classic film “Little Giants” has become so popular that even NFL teams have incorporated it into their playbook.

A similar play was used during a scene in Adam Sandler’s remake of “The Longest Yard” back in 2011.

Most movies based around football fail to put on a realistic display of the game during the film. Hence, the reasoning for many incorporating a trick play into a scene to at least make the on field action somewhat entertaining.

The play from Saturday is just another example of why the sport of football is so popular in the United States. For at least three hours at a time, fans remain glued to their televisions due to the fear of missing out on a potential history making play like the one ran by South Dakota State.

Thankfully, the play ended up working, because the coach who drew up the play could have been under a firestorm of criticism had it not. But now he looks like a genius.

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