Jacksonville Jaguars flagged for penalty that hasn’t been called in 18 years

After 14 weeks of the 2016 NFL season, the Jacksonville Jaguars have won just two of their 13 games. The franchise has not been to the playoffs since 2007 and that streak does not look like it will be ending anytime soon.

During their most recent loss to the Minnesota Vikings, the Jaguars committed a game-high 14 penalties. One of the team’s mistakes on the day resulted in a specific penalty being called during an NFL game for the first time since 1998.

via SB Nation
via SB Nation

As if their season was not embarrassing enough, Jacksonville managed to get called for a delay of game penalty on a kickoff. The lack of discipline on this team against the Vikings was worse than a group kindergarteners at a movie theater.

To put into perspective how long it has been since a penalty like this has been called, current Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles was only six-years-old the last time an NFL team was flagged for taking too long on a kickoff (ESPN is trying to claim that the penalty was called twice in 2015). Yes Jacksonville is bad this season, but wow they are really going above and beyond to find new ways to lose each week.

The penalty against Minnesota is just the latest in a long list of embarrassing moments from the Jaguars in 2016 that provide plenty of proof as to why this team has only managed to win two games this season.

But sometimes this year, Jacksonville has just been plain unlucky.

Whether it is the inexperience of the players or the the coaching staff, the Jaguars have not been able to put together a respectable season for almost an entire decade.

During their first five years as an NFL franchise (established in 1995), Jacksonville qualified for the postseason four times. But in their last 17 seasons, the team has only managed to find itself in the playoffs twice.

To help explain how bad the Jaguars have been, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has over 40 more career wins during his 17 years in the NFL than Jacksonville does in their entire 22-year existence as a franchise. At least it doesn’t snow in Florida (most of the time).

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