Kid with Tom Brady’s number engraved on skull meets idol

Some of the toughest athletes in the world are those who play in the NFL. However, their toughness on the field pales in comparison to the many children who are struggling with life-threatening diseases all over the world today. Here’s the story of a 10-year-old who shares an incredible bond with Patriots QB Tom Brady:

One of the children who has been the unfortunate victim of cancerous tumor after cancerous tumor is a young boy from Simsbury, Connecticut who goes by the name of Logan Schoenhardt. Logan is only 10 years old and has already had a number of brain surgeries to keep him alive today.

Something that seems to keep this kid smiling each day he wakes up is the ability to cheer for his beloved New England Patriots. Schoenhardt has a special admiration for the team’s star quarterback Tom Brady.

I adore him. I’m one of his biggest fans

Logan Schoenhardt on Patriots QB Tom Brady

His sister Keara explained that,

Tom Brady, in a sense, to Logan represents everything that Logan wishes he could be.

Keara Schoenhardt

Many kids have idols when growing up and Brady is clearly the number one guy in young Logan’s book.

This past March, the young man made a unique request to his doctor before he went under the knife for yet another brain surgery.

Logan asked if he could have Brady’s number 12 engraved on his skull.

When asked why he wanted the engraving, Schoenhardt simply stated because, “it’s Tom Brady’s number.” Seemed like enough of a reason for him.

Tom Brady's number 12 engraved into Logan's skull.
Tom Brady’s number 12 engraved into Logan’s skull.

After to realizing how much this kid has already been through in such a short time span, his family was fine with the idea and so was the doctor. So thanks to his doctor, young Logan now has Brady on his mind forever.

However, this past September, Schoenhardt and his family were handed the unfortunate news that his cancerous tumor had returned and there was no longer nothing that could be done about it. Eventually, the young boy will no longer be able to toss the football around and pretend to be Brady in his backyard.

But even though death was now looking him straight in the eye, Schoenhardt has made the best of what time he has left and he even got to fulfill a lifelong dream back on December 3rd.

Logan and his family were invited to Glllette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts to meet who else? None other than number 12 himself, Mr. Tom Brady.

Logan with his new buddy, Tom.

Even when his young life comes to an end sooner than later, Schoenhardt can always have the memory of meeting the guy who he always cheered for back at his home in Connecticut.

Oh and as for that whole death thing, Logan is not scared at all.

I know I’m going to go to heaven and I know I’m going to be happy.

Logan Schoenhardt

It probably would have been useful to suggest grabbing a giant box of tissues before reading. Sorry about that.

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