WWE star “Booker T” announces he’s running for mayor of Houston

In this new political landscape we should expect a wide range of candidates. Former WWE and WCW Champion Booker T has thrown his hat into the ring.

Professional wrestler turned politician? Oh don’t worry, that path was blazed a long time ago. Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura was the Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. And after the circus that was the 2016 US Presidential race, it is safe to expect the unexpected in America races now – regardless of the level.


A resident of Houston, Booker T hosted a radio show ‘Heated Conversations’ where he made the announcement. He brings a history in Houston, as well as life on both sides of the coin. This guy went from broke and living in horrible conditions, to a World Champion of the largest wrestling organization in history. From prison to globe trotting to the mayor’s office will make for a nice career path, then book, then TV movie.


While he didn’t announce anyone on his staff, there is clearly only one person who should run his campaign. His right hand man. His second in command. His real life brother. His tag-team partner. Steve Ray!

The two won the WCW Tag Team Championship 10 times. One battle for the Mayor’s office? Easy.

Check out the full press release from his campaign office, which was posted on Twitter.

Now technically he will have to run as Booker T. Huffman, but there are endless marketing opportunities as Booker T. This wasn’t the first mention of the run, as he hinted at during his 2013 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Booker T has had a massively successful career, and was always very popular with the people. Given the fact that he is still involved with WWE, and has a long history of business and involvement in Houston, his campaign should be taken seriously.

A victory here would actually be a massive coup for Huffman. Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States at nearly 2.2 million citizens. The vote will take place in the fall of 2019, with the winner taking office in 2020.

With all of the talk of the President Cabinet, Booker T would offer up a much more interesting group. His Harlem Heat partner Stevie Ray, Sting, a Steiner Brother, Kevin Nash, and the list goes on. However, I wouldn’t expect an invite to Bautista (aka Drax the Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy), whom Booker T is said to have gotten into a real-life brawl with.


Would you support Booker T as the mayor of your city?

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